CUNA economists: Light at the end of the tunnel

June 23, 2009
Bill Hampel : Don't penalize members with high fees and rate changes. There’s some good news about the economy and a light at the end of the tunnel. But don’t expect boom times ahead because this isn’t a V-shaped recession, characterized by a swift decline and revival, CUNA economists told... READ MORE

Unlock Your Artistic Self

June 23, 2009
Picture perfect: Author Dan Roam says pictures make people focus on the essence of an idea, not on what isn't essential. Graphic designers of the world will rejoice. Pictures really are worth a thousand words. And guess what else? You are a visionary. No, really. Three quarters of your brain’s... READ MORE

Mica: CUs have enviable numbers

June 23, 2009
Credit unions have numbers that banks and other for-profit financial institutions envy, said CUNA President/CEO Dan Mica during Tuesday morning's General Session at the America’s Credit Union Conference & Expo in Boston. Holding up Tuesday morning’s New York Times , CUNA President/CEO Dan Mica told America’s CU Conference & Expo... READ MORE

Build the future with gen Y members

June 23, 2009
Know gen Y's five identities . Kris Wickline:   Meet gen Y's basic needs and don't wait until these consumers are established to reach out to them. Credit unions are missing an opportunity to build their future if they aren’t working to attract young members and their business. That's the message... READ MORE

Rockin' Robin lauds limber leaders

June 23, 2009
“Great leaders wear bifocals,” Robin Crow said at his Tuesday thought leader session, Rock Solid Leadership, at the America’s CU Conference & Expo in Boston. “They constantly have to shift focus.” That involves looking at the big picture and the smallest detail, thinking long and short term, and conveying leadership... READ MORE

Are your tellers passionate?

June 23, 2009
Your tellers are your credit union’s ambassadors to the public, so you better hire passionate, true believers, according to Alex Frankel, CEO of Ground Level Research and author of the new business book, “Punching In.” Frankel should know, he has been conducting on-the-job research to identify what it takes to... READ MORE

The Top 10 Emerging Fraud Risks

June 22, 2009
Emerging fraud risks will require credit unions to adopt rigorous, cross-channel fraud monitoring strategies, a CUNA Mutual risk expert said Monday. Ann Davidson recommended taking a holistic view of fraud, realizing that a particular fraudulent act may not directly or immediately result in a loss, but may later manifest itself... READ MORE

Retaining baby boomers is critical to CU success

June 22, 2009
The retirement of the baby boomer generation will become a crisis for credit unions if they don’t act now, warned Jeff Hunt, consumer program manager at CUNA Mutual Group. “The size and wealth of this generation means credit unions will face a membership drop of millions and an asset loss... READ MORE

Economic crises boost CUs' significance

June 22, 2009
In an era of historic credit and budget deficit crises and a global recession, credit unions’ relevance may never be stronger, John Lass, CUNA Mutual Group senior vice president, strategy, told attendees of CUNA’s America’s Credit Union Conference & Expo on Monday. “There’s no doubt that spread pressures, corporate stabilization... READ MORE

Live, learn, or die stupid

June 22, 2009
People have considerable control over their physical, mental, and spiritual health, said Dave Mitchell, author of “Live and Learn or Die Stupid,” in his thought leader session Monday at the America’s Credit Union Conference & Expo in Boston. “We need to better manage ourselves to find contentment,” he said. The... READ MORE

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