retirement plan preview Directors NL Oct 2014

Measure the Success of Employee Retirement Plans

Ineffective plans negatively affect employees and your CU’s operations.

Help employees prepare for a comfortable existence in their golden years. Read More
Decisive sm

Be Decisive and Stop Procrastinating: Eight Steps

Author suggests following a clear decision-making process.

Clear strategy drives clear decisions. Read More
BSA preview Front Line NL Oct 2014

Know When to Report Suspicious Activity

BSA compliance starts with well-trained staff.

Front-line staff is the first line of defense against illegal activities such as money laundering and terrorist funding. Read More
Interest rate Schenk sm

Schenk: Latest BLS Job Report Reveals ‘Three Big Positives’

Unemployment rate falls below 6% as economy adds 248,000 jobs.

Report may ‘change the future course of interest-rate adjustments.’ Read More

Protect Your CU, Members from Cyber Attacks

Preparation can help minimize damage to your bottom line—and your reputation.

Nine steps to ward off a data breach. Read More
Metrics SM

Determine Meaningful Metrics to Measure Your CU

Select performance measures specific to your organization’s needs.

Performance metrics should support your CU's long-term goals. Read More
Work RR sm

How Was Work?

Labor market growth signals sustained hiring in the U.S.

October 27, 2014
Most promising employment sectors include nonprofits, information services, and insurance and finance.  Read More
Watch RR sm

Fewer Consumers Are Late for an Important Date

Loan delinquency rates are down across the board.

October 16, 2014
Consumer debt levels are becoming more manageable.  Read More

Women: Why Wait and Wonder?

Don’t let dreams be a substitute for informed actions promoting financial success.

October 06, 2014
Women want simplicity, good intentions, and strong ethics from the financial sector.   Read More
Ants sm

Of Ants and Grasshoppers

Knowledge of spending trends and financial challenges will help retirees consider their options.

September 29, 2014
Aesop’s fable imparts a valuable lesson for consumers making retirement plans.  Read More

Seeking Good Fortune

Millennials worry about unemployment while baby boomers fear they won’t be able to pay off debts.

September 22, 2014
One-third of Americans worry about money all the time.  Read More
Lightening Strikes RR sm

When Lightning Strikes

Help members weather the storm of security breaches.

September 15, 2014
Only 28% of identity theft cases involve credit or financial fraud.  Read More

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CU Topics

Apple Pay Will ‘Chew Into’ Interchange Revenue

‘It’s not looking good,’ speaker tells attendees. READ MORE

CFPB Issues New HMDA Reporting Proposal

The agency seeks to expand information requirements and revise the reporting threshold. READ MORE

World’s Biggest Shred-a-Thon

CU sets world record by collecting and shredding 422,350 pounds of paper. READ MORE

FinCEN Releases Customer Due Diligence Proposal

Agency published its long-awaited customer due diligence proposal in August. READ MORE

The Power of Face-to-Face Advocacy

With midterm elections looming, CU leaders meet with legislators during August visits to their home districts. READ MORE

‘Warriors’ Get Their Due

Service CU members serving in war zones can sign up for a “Warrior Savings” account that offers a 10% annual percentage yield on combat pay deposits up to $10,000. READ MORE

Three Components to Meaningful Conversations

'There is no such thing as a personality conflict. Behavior causes conflict.' READ MORE

Self-Study Development Opportunities for Volunteers

CUNA Volunteer Achievement Program (VAP) self-study courses teach the philosophical and financial topics that board members and other volunteers need to know. READ MORE

At the Top

Current CU CEOs have served a median of nine years in their job. READ MORE

CUs Capture Members’ Investments

Consumers appear ready to get back into investments. But are CUs prepared to assist them? READ MORE

Attend These 2015 CUNA Schools And Conferences

Finalize your plans for professional development for the coming year. READ MORE

Scenes from International CU Day

See how CUs promote ‘Local Service. Global Good.’ READ MORE
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