Keep Your Volunteers Up To Speed

February 19, 2010
Volunteers set your credit union’s future direction. Keep them abreast of developments with these Credit Union National Association (CUNA)resources: CU Directors Newsletter Credit Union Directors Newsletter is an efficient way for directors to stay informed of the latest compliance changes and policy issues. Each month it delivers advice, information, and... READ MORE

Thanks for the Memories

February 19, 2010
By Darryl Tait and Lisa McCue Dan Mica reflects on 14 years as CUNA CEO. When outgoing Credit Union National Association (CUNA) President/CEO Dan Mica sat down to be interviewed for this article, he reached across his desk, picked up the microphone, and started crooning the old 1938 tune, “Thanks... READ MORE

The 'Walking Pulpit' For CU Philosophy

February 19, 2010
Volunteerism and core values guide more than three decades of service. When two co-workers invited Dave Maus to leave work early and “have a chat” several months ago, he knew something was up. Then, as the trio settled in to their meeting at a local restaurant, 12 more female employees... READ MORE

The Cure for CUs' Aches and Pains

February 19, 2010
John Franklin A gloomy, pessimistic outlook on 2010 could become a self-fulfilling prophesy. I can remember a time when I nearly always felt good. My golf and tennis games, and hunting and fishing expeditions—as well as chores around the house—never were hampered by aches and pains. Today, less than a... READ MORE

Become a Mile Wide, And a Mile Deep

February 19, 2010
Daniel A. Mica Build on the political strength you’ve earned. Happy New Year! Yes, I realize it’s March. But here, in my last column in this space as Credit Union National Association (CUNA) president/CEO, I want to share my own sense of optimism for credit unions in the coming year.... READ MORE

Create a Culture of Success

February 19, 2010
Satisfied employees are vital to creating positive member relationships and a healthy bottom line. Author Quint Studer outlines five practical steps to help create a lasting culture of success: Replace low achievers. Low-performing employees aren’t only lesser contributors; they also hamper middle performers, and high achievers will eventually become disinterested... READ MORE

Get Your Marching Orders

February 18, 2010
Credit union managers and volunteers, be ready to voice these key messages to Congress: Give us the tools to help the economy get back on its feet: Enact greater business lending capacity for credit unions; Keep us free from needless regulation: Credit unions didn't start the fire that led to... READ MORE

Desjardins Winners Impress Judges

February 18, 2010
Entries showcase exemplary CU efforts to teach youth about money. The Desjardins Youth Financial Education Award program, conducted each year by CUNA’s center for personal finance, showcases credit unions’ best efforts to teach youth about money and credit management. The 14 winning entries are on display in the Welcome Center.... READ MORE

Maxwell, Herring Winners Answer Call to Action

February 18, 2010
Recipients of the 2009 Dora Maxwell Social Responsibility/Louise Herring Philosophy in Action Awards honor the credit union movement's core values by their commitment to community and innovative member financial education programs. First-place winners of the Dora Maxwell Awards demonstrated community spirit by: Raising money for the American Cancer Society through... READ MORE

Maintain a Consistent Credit Culture

February 18, 2010
Changing consumer behavior (less borrowing and more saving) will continue to provide opportunities and challenges for credit unions this year. The biggest challenge will be placing the flood of new deposits into high-yielding loans instead of low-yielding investments, says Steve Rick, CUNA's senior economist. The member savings rate (personal savings... READ MORE

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