Community Service

A Testament to the Vision

March 01, 2015
Wall will showcase more than 100 examples of CUs fulfilling the system vision. READ MORE

Wegner Award Winner Offers Leadership Advice

March 01, 2015
Leading with empowerment is many times the most powerful and effective. READ MORE

Dye, Pie, and Capes—Oh My!

February 12, 2015
'It was fun to see both staff and members get involved.' READ MORE

A Holiday Helping Hand

February 03, 2015
CU employees and members donated their time and money to help others during the holiday season. READ MORE

CU Works to Eliminate 'Food Deserts'

February 01, 2015
A decade after Hurricane Katrina, many still struggle to find sources of high-quality food. READ MORE

'Do Good' Campaign Makes a Difference for CU and its Members

January 21, 2015
'The spirit of doing good within the community really blossomed among our staff.' READ MORE

‘Plus It Forward’ Creates Ripple Effect of Goodwill

December 29, 2014
'Honestly, I was nothing short of amazed.' READ MORE

Macedonia’s First CU Built On Trust, Courage, Commitment

December 19, 2014
‘People would deposit money and withdraw it a couple hours later to see it was still available to them.’ READ MORE

CU Direct Celebrates 20th Anniversary with $20K Donation

December 04, 2014
Company’s ‘20 for 20 campaign’ to benefit Children’s Miracle Network Hospital. READ MORE

Architect of Productive Partnerships

December 04, 2014
Rebecca Cardwell has two qualities don’t often come in the same person. READ MORE

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