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Andrea Finn

Digital Specialist Sends Messages Out, Invites Members In

Andrea Finn is continually available to members on social networks that never sleep.
'I strive to be smarter and better than I was the day before.'
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Leading Edge

Want to Get Younger?

Get Social.
The average credit union member is aging.
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Kaylee Williams

A Matter of Logistics

PR pro amplifies CU's voice in the community.
PR pro amplifies CU's voice in the community.
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Defining the Social Media ROI Debate

Before you can measure success, you must determine your goals.
'There is no cookie-cutter version of an effective digital media strategy.'
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Avoid the Compliance Pitfalls of Social Media Advertising

Simple Facebook posts and tweets can trigger the need for additional disclosures.
Using social media outlets for marketing and advertising can pose huge compliance risk.
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Social Media: Give Before You Ask

Three tips for building social media credibility.
Social media platforms and audiences are ever-changing—shift with them.
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A Social Media ROI Success Story

Online loan generation tool taps into power of Facebook.
‘Facebook is the perfect platform to reach and build relationships with the online generation.’
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America's CU Conference

MacArthur: Driving in the Social Media Fast Lane

‘If everything seems under control, you’re not going fast enough.’
The ABCs of social media.
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Rewards Program Taps into Power of Social Media

E-commerce apps enable CUs to compete with mega financial institutions.
When social media and smartphones are used in conjunction with mobile e-commerce apps, a new world of opportunity opens for CUs.
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Gauge Your Social Media Reach

A high level of interaction among followers is a sign of strong media engagement.
Move beyond 'likes' and followers, advises Amaia Kirtland, CUNA’s social and digital media manager.
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