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CUs Capture Members’ Investments

Client-centric approach leads to a successful member investment program.
Consumers appear ready to get back into investments. But are CUs prepared to assist them?
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Mobile Services Boost Member Engagement

Mobile deposit and ‘instant balance’ check are among the most popular features.

“Our studies show that mobile financial services users tend to be extremely satisfied with the experience.”

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ERM: Get to the Heart of ‘What If?’

Enterprise risk management serves as an early warning system.
Enterprise risk management serves as an early warning system.
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Rewards Keep CU Cards ‘Top of Wallet’

As demographics change, consumers’ card reward preferences also shift.
Rewards programs are the top driver of which credit card tops a wallet.
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Stars Align for Auto Loans

New- and used-auto loans account for the bulk of CU loan growth.
If you're taking stock of where CUs are doing their heaviest lending, look no further than auto loans.
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Develop a Mobile-First Mindset

Embrace new tools and technologies—notably mobile financial services.
Succeeding in lending requires credit unions to embrace new tools and technologies—notably mobile financial services.
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The Changing Face of Fraud

Malware, social engineering keep fraud prevention on the front burner.
'Educate your staff and members. The more alert eyes and ears, the better.'
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Smartphones, Mobile Computing Create Internal Security Challenges

CUs must respond by acquiring new mobile technology security.
The ubiquity of smartphones and laptops creates a complex problem: internal fraud by employees.
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Insurance Sales Boost CU Income

Make the right offers to the right members at the right time.
Revenue from insurance sales is the 'gift that keeps on giving.'
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Unearth Hidden Treasure with Data Analytics

Business intelligence services help CUs turn data into action.
CUs have an immense amount of data, but need to know how to use it.
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