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Measure the Success of Employee Retirement Plans

Ineffective plans negatively affect employees and your CU’s operations.
Help employees prepare for a comfortable existence in their golden years.
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Synergy Separates Great Boards from Good Boards

Directors’ collaborative capabilities matter as much as their individual abilities.
To create a strong board, foster a series of meaningful intangibles that can create synergy.
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Audit for Compliance

A robust internal compliance audit program limits exposure to regulatory entanglements or costly litigation.
A robust internal compliance audit program limits exposure to regulatory entanglements or costly litigation.
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Build a Better Board

A variety of skills and viewpoints can give your board a fresh perspective.
CUs find new board talent by implementing term limits, leveraging board committees, and reaching out to community leaders.
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Build Enduring Greatness on Your Board

Use these four strategies to ensure your CU stays relevant to members today and tomorrow.
Directors with forward-looking viewpoints position them as strategic partners with their CEOs.
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Five Types of Board Members To Avoid

You don't want these folks on your team, say Jack and Suzy Welch.
A bad director or three can break the board.
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Pennsylvania CU Association Names New CEO

Patrick Conway to join PCUA October 28.
New CEO began his career in the district office of former Rep. Bill Clinger (R-Pa.).
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Boards Benefit When 'Devil’s Advocates' Are Present

‘Values-based opposition’ improves your CU’s chance of making better decisions.
Directors should constructively challenge conventional thinking, investigate additional options, and combat hubris and the tug of short-term emotions.
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Making the Most of Mergers

Seven ways to reduce costs, boost revenue, and achieve a happier, lasting union.
In the best-case scenario, the merging CUs come out better than either one was before.
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Volunteer Leadership: What’s Old Is New Again

The role of board leadership is as strong as ever.
One great strength of our movement is the volunteer board of directors.
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