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Cyber and Data Security Incidents, Related Losses on the Rise

Network security is only as good as the weakest link.
July 3, 2014
CUs can no longer rely solely on their IT staff to ward off attacks.
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'A Little Predicting Goes a Long Way'

Predictive analytics have been a game-changer for many companies.
April 20, 2014
Analytical tools sift through mountains of consumer behavioral data.
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Segmentation Sparks Growth and Member Loyalty

Data analysis tailors marketing messages to the most receptive members.
March 22, 2014
Analysis aids segmentation, which has become the magic word in credit card marketing.
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Unearth Hidden Treasure with Data Analytics

Business intelligence services help CUs turn data into action.
March 19, 2014
CUs have an immense amount of data, but need to know how to use it.
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New Alliance Provides Improved Data Security

CUNA Strategic Services adds Awareness Technologies as a strategic alliance provider.
March 5, 2014
CUNA Strategic Services adds Awareness Technologies as a strategic alliance provider.
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Safety in Patterns

The recent biometrics buzz is around consumer-facing applications.
February 21, 2014
Biometrics delivers on two critical consumer expectations: convenience and security.
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Special Report: Data Security Part II

Three Fundamentals of Data Security

People want to perform their jobs securely, but they don’t always know how.
February 17, 2014
‘Transform staff from your biggest security weakness to your biggest security strength.’
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Trust and Competence Grow Membership

See how leading retailers build and sustain consumer engagement.
February 10, 2014
Trust is earned over time through consistency in words and actions.
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Special Report: Data Security Part I

How Will the Target Data Breach Play Out?

Attack heightened security awareness for millions of consumers.
February 6, 2014
‘Everyone is looking for the silver bullet fix.’
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Technology Helps CUs Become ‘Practically Perfect in Every Way’

Big data and other tools can turn the ordinary into the extraordinary.
February 4, 2014
Don’t be disrupted by digital technology; use it to become a disrupter.
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