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Six Principles of Crisis Communication

Maintain your ability to guide the resolution.
Steve Rodgers
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‘Have a plan and a team that can execute it.’
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President's Perspective

Our Commitment for the New Year

CUNA will take the strongest stand possible to protect the CU tax exemption.
Bill Cheney
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Paul Gentile has joined CUNA as executive vice president, strategic communications and engagement.
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Get the C-Suite to Listen: Five Strategies

Fine-tuning communication skills can improve your career path.
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Communicating effectively, especially to executives, can be a challenge.
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Book Reviews

'The Thank You Economy'

Social media has revolutionized how business is conducted.
Lora Bray
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Are you grateful for your members’ business? Then say so!
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Align Marketing and Compliance

Four simple questions can help CUs avoid common online marketing compliance missteps.
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Well-intentioned marketers sometimes make mistakes that can have drastic consequences.
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Advice for Tomorrow’s Leaders  

Cultivate good interpersonal skills, and know the right questions to ask.
Judy Dahl
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The path to excellent leadership often includes some form of executive training. Among the options for training is CUNA Management School.
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Social Media’s Role in Crisis Management

CU staff must use new technology intelligently to survive in today’s crisis-ridden ‘reputation economy.’
Libby Vertz
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Your CU’s reputation isn’t determined only by information you “push” to members. It also depends on their reactions.
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Social Media Risks and Rewards

Social media strategies can give your CU marketplace legitimacy.
Robert Reh
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To understand social media, you must understand the terms.
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Lessons From the BP Oil Spill

Eight ways to reconnect after a disaster.
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The public watched in disbelief as oil gushed into the waters of the Gulf Coast for several months. Here’s advice on how the company could have better connected with the public throughout the spill, and lessons you can learn from them.
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