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Lora's Research Roundup

Won’t You Be My Neighbor?

Keeping up with the Joneses is less of an issue these days.
Financial trends reveal neighborhood changes with increased income disparity and new family lifestyle choices.
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Lora's Research Roundup

I Like Dreamin'

Some of these research findings will keep you awake at night.
Is the American dream turning into a nightmare?
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Tricks or Treats?

Research this week scares up retirement planning, job growth, and spooky health-care concerns.
Halloween week research fills your plastic pumpkin with treats in retirement planning, tricks in unemployment, health-care trends for your mummy, and a final scary thought...
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The Wheels on the Bus Go ‘Round and ‘Round…

"All aboard" for a look at small business and student lending trends
We’ll take a spin through more recession takeaways, fly over some employer trends, chug through some fraudulent facts, and cruise by the latest retail news...
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Let's Play Ball!

Family income and educational background largely determine which kids succeed and which strike out.
On deck this week: The interrelation of productivity, wages, and marriage—as seen through the lens of major league baseball.
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Checking Fees, Housing and Retirement…Oh, My!

Research trends reveal employment woes and related challenges for the consumer.
This week's Roundup examines fees, employment news, consumer spending reports, retirement considerations, housing, and more.
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Higher Education, Income No Guarantee Against Bankruptcy

Consumer bankruptcy filings among college educated, high-income earners is on the rise.
Institute for Financial Literacy releases annual consumer bankruptcy report... plus more research findings.
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Reach Out to Tomorrow’s Members

About 19 million nonmembers under age 18 live in CU members’ households.
Make a good impression on young members early to ensure their future loyalty and your CU's growth.
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