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Firm Dons 'Black Hats' to Appraise Apps' Security

IDentity Theft 911 looks for weaknesses and vulnerabilities in financial services products.
IDentity Theft 911 looks for weaknesses and vulnerabilities in apps designed for financial institutions.
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CUs Protect Members From Identity Theft

The crime strikes more than 12.6 million people every year.
The effects of identity theft are both personal and prolific.
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Authenticate, Don’t Irritate: Fraud Prevention Requires a Balancing Act

Don't get too personal when requiring customers to verify their identity.
How do consumers perceive your security processes?
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Cultivate a Workplace of Respect

Respecting all employees fosters a healthy workplace and keeps lawsuits at bay.
Transgender individuals face disproportionately high levels of mistreatment at work.
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Take a Proactive Approach to ID Theft

Spotlight: Peter Van Houten, chief sales and delivery officer, McGraw-Hill FCU, East Windsor, N.J.
‘Our objective is to protect families from this potentially devastating crime.’
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Speed is the Key to Beating New Account Fraud

It takes most fraudsters about a week to wreak damages across a wide network of unsuspecting consumers.
It takes financial institutions 151 days, on average, to detect a fraud occurrence.
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Ensure FFIEC Compliance with Risk-Based Authentication

Agency wants CUs to implement a system of layered security.
Risk-based fraud detection and authentication system lets CUs take a holistic view of a member’s identity and likelihood of identity-related fraud.
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Update on Identity Theft 'Red Flags'

Last year, identity theft was the Federal Trade Commission's (FTC) No. 1 consumer complaint category.
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