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What’s on the CFPB’s Agenda?

Expect a focus on mortgage rules, deposit regulations, and fair lending.
Agency moves full speed ahead on additional regulatory rulemaking.
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CFPB Releases First Round of New Mortgage Exam Procedures

Reviewing the procedures helps institutions understand examiners' compliance standards.
The procedures address the agency’s new mortgage regulations on appraisals, escrow accounts, and compensation and qualifications for loan originators.
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Money Rules

Take care of financially fragile members.
Financial education works, says personal finance guru.
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GAC 2013

Chatzky Writes the Book on Personal Finance

Financial editor takes a no-nonsense approach to living well and living within your means.
See how simple, straightforward financial advice applies to your CU, members, and community.
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Part I

Expect a ‘Wild Compliance Ride’ in 2013

Experts urge CUs to make compliance a top priority.
Compliance often lacks black and white answers, so the ability to interpret rules and assess risk is essential.
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Care About the Rule-Making Process

Whether a rule is proposed or final, CUs should pay attention and get involved.
Proposed rules are important to follow in this compliance environment.
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CFPB Considers Mortgage Origination Rules

Final rules could be in place by January 2013.
The CFPB plans to publish a Notice of Proposed Rulemaking this summer, and a formal comment period will follow. Expect final rules by January 2013.
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CFPB Details Mortgage Servicing Rules

Dodd-Frank gave the agency the authority to write regulations addressing the mortgage servicing market.
The CFPB will work extensively with consumers and the financial services industry to develop the proposed mortgage servicing rules.
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CFPB: Brace for Impact

CUs must continue to watch the volume, complexity, and novelty of new consumer regulations.
The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau is taking very seriously its role as protector of consumers against abusive credit providers.
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When ‘Free’ Means Free

Regs spell out when you can—and can’t—advertise accounts as free.
Since the Federal Reserve issued its final rules on interchange fees, some financial institutions have eliminated free checking to recoup lost income.
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