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Win Employee Love: Four Steps

Move beyond engagement to 'employee love,' author advises.
‘We want people who love their jobs and the brand they represent.’
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CU Service Centers Becomes CO-OP Shared Branch

The change will occur during a two-year rebranding process at participating CUs.
The change will occur during a two-year rebranding process at participating CUs.
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The THINK Conference

The Bottom Line About Branding

Five takeaways from John Costello's THINK Conference presentation.
Embrace a '360 approach' to serving members.
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CUNA Marketing & Business Development Council Conference

Follow the Laws of Branding

Business development staff are CUs’ branding ‘secret weapon.’
Smart CUs don’t push products; they promote their brands.
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Internal Branding: Find Your Sweet Spot

Let your employees and customers tell you who you are.
‘Find the sweet spot between what you do well, what customers value, and what you can own over time.’
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Millennials Migrate to Small Businesses

Companies with 100 employees or less employ about half of the Gen Y workforce.
Gen Y is an entrepreneurial group—one that prefers freedom and flexibility over big corporate policies.
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How to Brand Your Wellness Program

Ensure your brand is true to your organization and its vision.
For CUs offering wellness programs, branding is critical. “Everything you do is associated with it,” says Nikki Wallace, an associate at consulting firm Mercer, New York.
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2012 Governmental Affairs Conference

‘Powerful Cause, Positive Effect’

This year’s GAC theme and logo are especially relevant.
The theme for this year's Governmental Affairs Conference ties directly into our times.
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CU Promotes 'People Powered Banking'

Members star in drive to raise awareness of CUs.
Campaign aims to make nonmembers aware of the benefits CUs—SCE Federal Credit Union in particular—have to offer.
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