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Five Steps to Social Media Success

Before jumping into social media, figure out what will work for your CU.
Holly Watson
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Your baseline content should focus on what affects members directly.
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Segmentation Sparks Growth and Member Loyalty

Data analysis tailors marketing messages to the most receptive members.
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Analysis aids segmentation, which has become the magic word in credit card marketing.
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Innovative CUs Draw Up New Lending Approaches

Successful lenders are proactive and creative—and they don’t think ‘risk’ is a four-letter word.
Darla Dernovsek
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Lending innovators spot—and act on—opportunities to make loans and boost the bottom line.
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Optimize Your Card Portfolio

Four things to know to build a sustainable credit card program.
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Best practices for developing a modern payment program.
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Optimize Your Card Portfolio: Four Steps

Evaluate risk, cut costs, and retool traditional promotions.
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Don’t automatically exclude consumers with less-than-perfect credit.
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After the CARD Act

The 2009 Credit CARD Act set out to curtail abusive industry practices. What was accomplished and will more reform be on the way?
Ann Hayes Peterson
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The industry has seen significant improvements since the legislation went into effect. But card issuers are finding new ways to recoup lost revenue.
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