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Card Balance Transfer Goes Mobile

San Diego County CU's smartphone app allows members to easily switch from other credit cards.
A photo uploaded to the app reads the competitor's name, address, and payment amount from a statement, and transfers the sum to a Visa card issued by San Diego County CU.
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Service vs. Security

Safety isn’t convenient, but members will be glad you’re acting in their best interest.
Take steps to thwart criminals who exploit HELOCs and wire transfers.
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Remittance Transfer Rule Takes Effect Oct. 28

Know your responsibilities regarding tax and fee disclosures, disclaimers, and error resolution.
Amendments provide new protections to consumers who send remittance transfers outside the U.S.
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CFPB Amends Remittance Transfer Rule

Agency announces new consumer protections and delays compliance date.
About a year ago, the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) published amendments to Regulation E.
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Compliance Q&A: Risk-based Pricing Notice

Must credit unions provide a co-signer or guarantor with a risk-based pricing notice?
Get compliance details on Regulation E remittance transfer rule and Bank Secrecy Act.
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Gearing Up for Remittance Transfers Reg

The rule requires remittance transfer providers to give disclosures to consumers.
The agency released a guide for small businesses—International Fund Transfers: Small Entity Compliance Guide.
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Council Corner

Bank Transfer Day—One Year Later

CUs keep looking for ways to get these new members to borrow.
From a marketing and public relations standpoint, Bank Transfer Day was a success.
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Celebrating CU Uniqueness

Take advantage of opportunities this fall to show your pride in the movement.
Three dates to circle in red on your fall calendar: Oct. 8, Oct. 18, and Nov. 5
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Compliance Q&A: Reg E’s Remittance Transfer Rule

What Reg E disclosures must we provide a member who requests a remittance transfer?
CUs that offer remittance transfer services generally must provide the member with a written prepayment disclosure.
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Remittance Transfers: What Has Changed Since February?

CFPB now exempts institutions that transmit 100 or fewer transfers per year.
Prepare now for the regulation, which goes into effect Feb. 7, 2013.
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