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‘Send Gum, Mom!’

Financial issues are one of the top reasons students drop out of college.
Research indicates young adults need CUs’ help in selecting financial products and planning.
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Soak up the Sun, Sing in the Rain

Help members save for a rainy day.
Roughly one-fourth of consumers have no rainy-day fund.
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Student Loan Debt Inhibits American Dream for Many

Pursuit of the American Dream—and higher education—often carries a big price tag.
Student debt prevents many young adults from achieving financial goals, such as buying homes.
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Survey: Young Credit Card Users are Better Credit Risks

Middle-aged consumers are more likely to have a serious delinquency than 19-year-olds.
Those who obtain credit cards early in life tend to be better credit risks in the long-term.
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Confusion Reigns Over Student Loan Costs

CU survey suggests future college graduates will face massive unintended debt.
Half of high school seniors don’t understand the cost and terms of student loans.
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Student Loans: Understand the Financial Aid Timeline

Follow five guidelines when marketing student loans.
Market your private student loan program early; preferably in May.
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Students Assume Greater Share of College Costs

CUs and college students are in desperate need of each other.
Lack of understanding about private student loans can lead to serious financial problems after graduation.
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The Lifelong Consequences of Student Debt

The default rate on student loans, overall, is close to 9%.
U.S. student debt is about $1 trillion and growing, and defaults are climbing. It’s entirely possible this trend might evolve into a crisis.
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What’s That Roaring Sound?

CUs are riding the wave of increased student loans.
An obscure book of business just a few years ago, student loan debt has roared past credit card debt and will surpass $1 trillion this year.
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CSS Alliance Delivers College Planning Advice

Financing a higher education has become a difficult process for many families.
To help CU members through the college financing process, CUNA Strategic Services and its strategic alliance provider, Fynanz Inc., will bring college planning information to CUNA’s member education products.
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