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Women: Why Wait and Wonder?

Don’t let dreams be a substitute for informed actions promoting financial success.
Women want simplicity, good intentions, and strong ethics from the financial sector. 
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Assess Internal Threats to Your Network

Don’t forget about your internal networks when preparing your 2015 budget.
More than one-third of data breaches are due to inadvertent misuse of data by employees.
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Four ‘Must Haves’ for Mobile Pay Technology

Consumers are becoming more leery about sharing personal information.
‘Security has become table stakes for any new technology that deals in personal or financial data.’
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When Lightning Strikes

Help members weather the storm of security breaches.
Only 28% of identity theft cases involve credit or financial fraud.
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Not All Clouds Are Created Equal

Maximize your information security in the cloud.
Community cloud offers increased protection from viruses, worms, and malware.
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CUs Search for Balance on BYOD

Employees pressure IT departments to adopt 'bring your own device' policies.
CUs are justifiably concerned about overtaxing their IT departments as they balance staff's needs with security concerns.
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Five Cyber Security Considerations for CUs

Even small financial institutions are big targets for hackers.
A security program focused entirely on prevention won’t succeed today.
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Data Security: How Much Will EMV Help?

Will new fraud-fighting technology be enough to thwart threats such as the Target data breach?
Will new fraud-fighting technology be enough to thwart threats such as the Target data breach?
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Defend Against Fraudsters’ Tactics and Threats

Call centers can be more susceptible than your CU's computer network, website, or mobile apps.
CUs must balance security and member service.
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Biometrics, Other Tech Catalyze CES Conversation

New tools must augment security, enhance convenience, and minimize liability.
Future technology's efficiency of space and energy consumption translates directly to dollars saved.
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