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CU Member Loyalty Rises at Banks’ Expense

Nearly 60% of members say a CU is their primary financial institution, up from 42% in 2009.
Financial crisis triggered many consumers to move their business from banks to CUs.
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Fee or Free? Let Members Choose

Four-part ‘fee avoidance’ strategy helps CUs develop strong member relationships.
‘Menu-based’ pricing helps CUs generate income in a fee-averse environment.
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High-Yield Checking Alive and Well

But these accounts pay less than they used to.
The average APY for high-yield checking accounts is 1.64%, survey says.
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'Naked Checking' Strips Away All Fees

Kansas CU scores with G-rated campaign that tugs at pet lovers' heartstrings.

CEO Lee Williams believes in pushing the envelope to distinguish Central Star from the competition.

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CU Hero

Stretch the Boundaries

 ‘True success is by design, and measured by the good it does for others.’
Tarrant County Credit Union CEO Lily Newfarmer is a Credit Union Hero.
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Far More CUs Than Banks Offer Free Checking

Only 45% of banks offer free checking options vs. 72% of CUs.
Interest-bearing checking accounts at banks often come with staggering minimum balance requirements.
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Fee or Free

It’s a delicate balancing act as CUs try to generate income without annoying members.
Credit unions benefited from the bankers’ misstep on fees, garnering hundreds of thousands of new members.
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Grow Wallet Share With Predictive Selling

Consumers aren’t borrowing, but they’ll refinance if offered a good deal.
CUs need to shed old mindsets and embrace sales as a way to serve members.
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Checking Account Make-Up is Changing

Tiered interest checking has declined 4.7% since July 2009.

Checking account types with greater fee potential are on the rise, since the end of the recession, while “standalone” accounts have declined.

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Half Would Switch if Fees Increase

Raising checking account fees would cause 51% of consumers to shop around.
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