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Build Your Workforce, 2013 Style

Putting together a top-notch team isn’t a passive activity.
These recruiting trends, from, will continue to intensify this year.
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Support Those Who Support CUs

PAC contributions help CU friends win or hold onto their elective offices.
Money is a critical element in today’s political environment, but there’s much more to it than dollars.
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Where Will Your Next CEO Come From?

Open search yields best candidates for CEO.
Limiting your search to one avenue overlooks the importance of selecting a CEO with the right combination of skills and vision.
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The Dreaded Job Interview

About 70% of job applicants find interviews distasteful.
Basically, treat candidates the way you’d like to be treated.
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Inside vs. Outside

Where will your next CEO come from?
Limiting your search to only one option limits the likelihood of selecting a CEO with the right combination of skills and vision to lead your credit union into the future.
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Our Record-Setting Election Effort

CUNA stood with friends, win or lose, regardless of their political affiliation.
CUNA President/CEO Bill Cheney analyzes CUNA's involvement in the midterm elections.
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CUNA Analyzes Mid-Term Election Results

CUs had a strong night despite the loss of some Democratic friends.
CUNA/League support extended to 358 House candidates and 31 Senate candidates, leading to victories of pro-credit union candidates in 82% of available seats in Congress.
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