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Want to Get Younger?

Get Social.
The average credit union member is aging.
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Guide Members to Financial Health

Creating financially healthy members has clear long-term benefits.
‘If members are willing to learn and work, we are willing to help them.’
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The Beauty of Being Small

Closeness and familiarity with members is par for the course at many small CUs.
Personal touch is one of the few advantages small CUs have over their larger brethren.
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CUNA's Member & Nonmember Survey Results

Focus on Members You Already Have

CUs must expand their 'wallet share' of existing members.
Eighty-five percent of members also have accounts with banks.
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CUNA's Member & Nonmember Survey Results

Persistent Lack of Awareness Continues

CUs will benefit tremendously if they mobilize quickly to education and attract young adults.
Nearly three-fourths of young nonmembers know little about CUs.
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Strategic Insights

More Members, Regs, and a Future Focus

Along with welcome signs of growth come more rules, regulations, and proposals.
CUs are the model of the future.
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CUNA Tools

Protect Your Members

It’s critical that members are financially literate and well-educated about potential scams.
CUNA offers the following resources to help CUs educate members about the different security threats they often face.
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Outbound Lending Brings Members Onboard

Illinois CU beats out banks for a five-year contract with a university alumni credit card.
Campaign fuels the acquisition of 5,000 new members.
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Growing CU Stays True to Roots

‘We take time to understand our SEGs, and we design products around their needs.’
We established a unique partnership in September 2011 with: Harborside Manor Apartments, a local apartment complex. As we looked locally for opportunities to expand our field of membership by adding additional select employee groups (SEG), we realized we’re neighbored by multiple apartment complexes. Each has employees we can serve. 
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A Solid Standing With Consumers and Congress

CU membership and financial growth are on the rise.
With a full quarter of the year under our belts, I’m more convinced than ever: Credit unions are on the rise.
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