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The ABCs of APT

Advanced persistent threats are difficult to detect and nearly impossible to stop.
Every system on your network should act as your ‘eyes and ears.’
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Nonresident Alien Reporting

Update policies and procedures to comply with this new rule.
The rule goes into effect just weeks from now, on Jan. 1, 2013.
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Internet Banking: What Do Consumers Want?

Mobile functionality, online account opening top the list of desired features.
Internet banking has come a long way since first-generation solutions were introduced in the 1990s.
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The 10 Fee Commandments

Sometimes fees make sense; other times they simply don’t.
CUs everywhere are looking for new sources of income.
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Insuritas Raises $10 Million in Capital

Capital infusion will drive technology development and client acquisition.
Turn-key insurance agency solution can help CUs boost noninterest income.
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Speed is the Key to Beating New Account Fraud

It takes most fraudsters about a week to wreak damages across a wide network of unsuspecting consumers.
It takes financial institutions 151 days, on average, to detect a fraud occurrence.
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Financial Services Undergoing ‘Secular Shift’

Four forces will fuel the shift to a slow-growth, high-cost operating environment, analysts predict.
The financial services industry is transitioning from a high-margin business to a low-margin undertaking.
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Five Things to Consider Before Moving to the Cloud

What does moving to the cloud really mean for CUs?
Several needs are fueling the increased interest in cloud-based computing and communications.
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Fed Establishes New Office

Office of Financial Stability Policy and Research aims to keep financial institutions healthy.
The office will develop and coordinate staff efforts to identify and analyze potential risks to the financial system and the broader economy.
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SHAZAM, Atris Announce FlexATM Certification

The certification provides real-time transaction processing.
The joint participation between both organizations ensures SHAZAM participants will enjoy the customer service benefits of online processing, yet maintain familiar reconciliation procedures.
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