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Q&A: How Technology Shapes CU Branch Design

Expect video conferencing and mobile marketing to take root in modern branches.
What innovations will shape CU branches in the coming years?
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Q&A: Staff Functionality Dictates Modern Branch Design

The building is the stage and the employees are the cast.
How has branch design evolved in the digital era?
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Photos: A closer look at Visions FCU's themed branch designs

Brent Dixon

In Constant Pursuit of Good Design

Delight and happiness are tools used to design good CU experiences.
‘It’s ok to positively disrupt the system.’
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Tomorrow’s Branch

CUs try to maintain that personal touch as they build high-tech branches.
The challenge for CUs is to integrate technologies, increase efficiencies, and still deliver high-touch service when members want it.
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BAI Retail Delivery

It’s Time to Deconstruct the Branch

The traditional branch model has outlived its usefulness.
Today’s banking experience is less about place and more about touch points. Deconstructing the branch allows financial institutions to match these touch points to customers’ needs.
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CU Branches Out

Innovative design features teller-less branches staffed with personal financial representatives.
New branch design frees up staff for solutions-based interactions with members.
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Branch Design Traditions to Abandon

Discarding outdated branch design helps CUs improve the member experience.
Consider members’ path through the branch, including 'sight lines' and 'dwell zones.'
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Gift Cards Go Mainstream

CUs cash in on gift cards’ convenience and contemporary designs.
CUs cash in on gift cards by using offerings and insights from CU-oriented vendors.
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