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Data Analysis Improves Relationship Pricing Programs

Business intelligence software can unearth treasure trove of member data.
Tyson Nargassans
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High levels of electronic transactions drive long-term relationship retention.
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Cupid and the Cubicle

Workplace romance is inevitable—so be ready when love becomes a liability.
Kelly Tilden
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Up to 40% of employees admit to dating a co-worker.
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Council Corner

Bank Transfer Day—One Year Later

CUs keep looking for ways to get these new members to borrow.
Bill Vogeney
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From a marketing and public relations standpoint, Bank Transfer Day was a success.
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Spouses More Distracting than Social Media

Personal relationship issues are the biggest distraction at work.
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Only 4% of respondents say personal communications top their list of biggest workplace distractions.
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What’s the Future of Loan Payments?

There are notable generational differences regarding e-payment adoption.
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Members expect a variety of loan payment options.
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Strengthen the Relationship With Your Outside Counsel

Retaining a lawyer? Follow these five steps.
David A. Reed
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Before you engage the services of an attorney, you need to know why you need one.
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Focus on Member Retention

Addressing attrition risk doesn’t have to be complex.
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CUs have a unique opportunity to grow wallet share, deepen member relationships, and drive growth in demand deposit accounts by keeping current members satisfied and loyal.
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