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Grow Your Subprime Lending with Confidence

There are ways to lessen the risks associated with subprime lending.
The cornerstone of managing auto lending risk is protecting collateral.
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Subprime Auto Loan Market Holds Promise

But be careful and don’t stray too far from your current membership base.
'To do it right, credit unions need to hire experienced people to work with them on entering the subprime market.'
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The Hidden Benefit of Tracked Collateral Protection

Protecting collateral is critical for maintaining a healthy auto loan portfolio.
CPI helps Meritrust CU protect its collateral without affecting the entire membership.
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High Unemployment Increases Risk to Auto Loan Portfolio

The rise in uninsured motorists endangers collateral.
The stalled U.S. economy has not only aggravated the downturn in credit union new vehicle loans, it has put the industry's portfolio of current auto loans at greater risk.
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