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The Vital Role of Volunteers

‘There’s no such thing as too much education.’
‘There’s no such thing as too much education.’
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Off the Record

What’s Your Financial Literacy Story?

Ongoing education and social responsibility are the drivers of financial empowerment.
Break out the #FinancialLiteracyMonth hashtag and tell us how you’re helping members.
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Compliance Matters

Preparing for the Next Merchant Data Breach

Turn members into fraud-fighting allies, and solidify your CU’s defenses.
Educating members about protecting their accounts and identities from theft is a critical loss prevention strategy.
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CUNA Honors Financial Education Leaders

Nine CUs nab first-place 2013 Desjardins Awards for Youth and Adult Financial Education.
Winners are a testament to CUs’ commitment to provide financial literacy.
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School Days

How can CUs help young adults with their first major financial decision?
Rising student loan debt hinders consumers’ ability to take out mortgages.
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Veridian CU, CUNA Mutual Group Fund Youth Leadership Program

Organizations pledge $105,000 for ‘The Leader in Me.’
Program results in higher academic achievement and fewer discipline problems.
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CUNA Tools

Protect Your Members

It’s critical that members are financially literate and well-educated about potential scams.
CUNA offers the following resources to help CUs educate members about the different security threats they often face.
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Teach Early and Often

How one CU grooms youth into fully engaged members.
Redwood CU retains 80% of its young members after they leave for college.
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Attract and Educate Youth

Building a relationship now will pay dividends down the road
Financial education can turn young consumers into lifelong members.
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Watching Paint Dry Can Be Palatable

How much of any process or situation can you control to ensure a successful outcome?
Preparedness is important, but unanticipated variables ultimately come into play.
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