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2014 NACUSO Annual Conference

NASCUS Chair: Regulators Should Address CUSO Function, Not Safety

Rather than direct CUSO oversight, regulators should focus on CUs’ due diligence.
‘We don’t need to regulate CUSOs, we just need to understand how they work.’
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A Road Map for Social Media Compliance

Take steps to monitor and control risks related to social media.
Your should implement risk management programs that allow you to identify, measure, monitor, and control the following risks related to social media
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Educate Members About Security Threats

'Stickley on Security' online videos meet FFIEC guideline requirements.
Review video topics and place orders for these videos, which can be customized to your website.
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Measure Lending Success with Risk-Rating

Shrinking margins heightens importance of credit quality.
Most CUs use growth as the chief measure of lending success—but that’s not enough.
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‘Help! I Need Some Money, Honey!’

How can CUs help members make prudent financial plans?
Consider the financial assumptions members make and potential perils they may encounter.
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Rethink Your Mobile Banking Risk

CUs and members need a better grasp on the risks involved with mobile devices.
As with any service, CUs must balance risk with reward and conduct careful due diligence.
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Mobile Payment Providers & Regulators

Best practices to prevent AML/CTF risks.

Money launderers are a step ahead in seeking new, less-regulated entities to launder their ill-gotten gains, including mobile payment providers.

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The Pros and Cons of Participation Loans

Managing these loans requires a careful and calculated approach.
Tread cautiously into the potentially rewarding realm of loan participations.
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