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HELOC ‘End of Draw’ Periods Could Create ‘Financial Shock’ for Consumers

Higher payments may affect borrowers’ ability to meet other debt obligations.
Up to $79 billion in HELOCs may be at elevated risk of default, study says.
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Survey: Young Credit Card Users are Better Credit Risks

Middle-aged consumers are more likely to have a serious delinquency than 19-year-olds.
Those who obtain credit cards early in life tend to be better credit risks in the long-term.
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Help Underwater Members Before Mortgage Rates Rise

CUs can come to the rescue with a refinance-to-modification option.
The refinancing boom is ending, so help underwater members now.
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The Growing Student-Debt Burden

Student loan debt is increasing, and students are spiraling into delinquency and default.
The statistics on national student loan debt are alarming.
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Student Loan Default Rates Increase

Borrowers at for-profit schools represent growing share of defaults.
U.S. Secretary of Education Arne Duncan announced that the fiscal year 2008 national student loan default rate is 7%, up from 6.7% as of fiscal year 2007.
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