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Master Policy Provides Clarity, Certainty

Policy Commitment Letter strengthens member relationships.
Policy Commitment Letter strengthens member relationships.
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GAC 2014

‘Our Mission is to Protect CUs’

Our nation’s policy makers must understand and appreciate our cooperative business model.
The education process with policy makers begins right here in Washington at the GAC.
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Finding Hidden Treasures

Both jobs and volunteer opportunities are valuable commodities.
‘Individual unemployment is the strongest predictor of default.’
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Will the Fourth Time Be a Charm?

The Fed’s QE-4 plan will keep pressure on CUs’ net-interest margins.
The Fed is saying it’s willing to accept an inflation rate that is higher than its target of 2%.
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Use Social Media Wisely

Should you allow employees to access social media outlets using CU resources?
Failure to clearly outline the CU’s social media use expectations through a written policy can significantly increase risk.
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Special Report: America's CU Conference

Giving Good Governance

Filene fellow stresses the importance of continuity in leadership.
If everyone looks like you in the boardroom, your board needs a greater diversity of skills and experience.
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Seven Questions to Ask Before Developing a Social Media Policy

Crafting a social media policy is premature unless the policy designers answer these critical questions first.
Approach social media using an organized and planned approach, consistent with the organization's mission, strategy, and values.
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Develop an Effective Social Media Policy

Manage the risks when your CU tweets, blogs, or chats.
Thoroughly evaluate four areas of potential risk before engaging in social media.
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Social Media Policies: 14 Key Guidelines

Make social media policies a subset of your overall business strategy.
Are written social media policies necessary? Yes, according to a CUNA Councils white paper.
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