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The Cloud Can Rain on Your Parade

Cloud computing holds great promise and potential, but it’s not without risk.
Cloud computing is powerful, amazingly inexpensive, and flexible. But there’s one thing it is not: without risk.
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‘Cut Through the Noise’ With Cloud Computing, Data Backup

Ask the hard questions to find out what vendors truly offer.
CUs’ and members’ growing reliance on technology requires vendors with proven expertise and scalability.
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Part II

Cloud Integration Creates Common Platforms

CUs can expect decreased customization costs as a result.
In addition, business process outsourcing will help CUs maximize efficiencies and reduce costs.
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FFIEC: Consider Risks of Outsourced Cloud Computing

Understand the risks associated with outsourced cloud computing.
Outsourcing to a cloud service provider offers potential benefits such as cost reduction, flexibility, and speed.
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Payments Trends Will Alter CU Business Model

Changes have the potential to alter business models dramatically over the next decade.
The credit union business model is in jeopardy because of changes in the payment ecosystem.
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Payments Trends May Alter CU Business Model

The CU business model is in jeopardy. The culprit is the payment ecosystem.
With a significant portion of noninterest income derived from the payments ecosystem, CUs must be prepared for what’s next in payments.
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CUNA Technology Council Conference

Four Technology Trends to Watch

Know how the ‘consumerization’ of technology will affect member interactions.
Social networks are changing how businesses talk, interact, sell, and build brands.
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Five Things to Consider Before Moving to the Cloud

What does moving to the cloud really mean for CUs?
Several needs are fueling the increased interest in cloud-based computing and communications.
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The Future of Financial Services: Four Key Trends

Expect a new financial services playing field to emerge over the next decade.
Personal relationships with consumers and businesses will become increasingly important in the future.
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Eight IT Predictions for 2011 and Beyond

Organizations will need to show a link between IT investments and business results.
Trends and events that will reshape the nature of business for the next year and beyond.
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