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Top 10 Strategic Planning Trends

The future looks to be increasingly mobile.
CUs can expect growing loan portfolios due to an improving economy, rising consumer confidence, and less deleveraging.
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Prepare for the Brain Drain

Two-thirds of CUs have CEO succession plans in place.
The average age of a CU CEO is 53.4 years.
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CUs Search for the Next Generation of Board Members

Use your CU’s brand as a tool to recruit new directors.
CUs will find it hard to compete in the future without new blood on the board.
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Succession Planning: The Urgency Builds

As baby boomers begin to retire, CUs will see turnover at all levels.
Approximately 10,000 baby boomers will turn 65 every day for the next 18 years, reports the Pew Research Center.
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Plan for Key Staff Transitions

Make sure compensation plans include entire executive team, urges Albraccio.
It's important to build a compensation structure that will maintain the executive team and provide stability during a time of transition.
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Four Steps to Successful Succession

Does your CU have a succession plan—or just an emergency plan?
In effective succession plans, two main elements work together: executive development and incentives.
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Include ‘Golden Handcuffs’ with Succession Plans

CUs face increased risk of losing top talent to other organizations.
Build ‘bench strength’ so your CU has a top-notch CEO in waiting.
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CEO Succession Planning Can’t Wait

More than two-thirds of CEOs at CUs with more than $500M are over age 55.
Planning now will help ensure you have ‘the right people on the bus’ moving forward.
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Giving Good Governance

Filene fellow stresses the importance of continuity in leadership.
If everyone looks like you in the boardroom, your board needs a greater diversity of skills and experience.
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Create a Board Succession Plan: Seven Steps

Doing so is in members’ best interests and helps fulfill directors’ fiduciary duties.
Explain that a succession plan is designed to find future directors, not weed out current directors.
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