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Of Ants and Grasshoppers

Knowledge of spending trends and financial challenges will help retirees consider their options.
Aesop’s fable imparts a valuable lesson for consumers making retirement plans.
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‘Send Gum, Mom!’

Financial issues are one of the top reasons students drop out of college.
Research indicates young adults need CUs’ help in selecting financial products and planning.
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Analysis Reveals Strong School Spending By CU Members

Back-to-school spending grows 9.2% among CU members.
Transactions total 14.1 million in 2014 vs. 13 million in 2013.
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Where Does it All Go?

The thrill of payday is short-lived for many consumers.
Help members find opportunities to learn, save, and invest.
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CUNA Payments Roundtable

Six Factors That Will Change the Future of Payments

‘Creative destruction is the new norm.’
Checking account remains a valuable asset for CUs.
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Where Will You ‘Spend’ the Holidays?

Your CU is a reassuring source of expertise to help members manage their financial expectations.
Knowing how, why, and where consumers spend will help you help them keep their finances running smoothly.
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A Recipe for Success

Quality components and sufficient resources make for successful plans.
What’s cooking at your CU?
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Fiscal Cliff Deal Should Spur Optimism

CUNA economist says the deal will boost household and business confidence.
The fiscal cliff agreement will have a net positive effect on the average American.
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Dear President Obama…

How to stimulate both short-term economic growth and long-term fiscal responsibility.
These suggestions aren’t politically palatable, but at least you have options.
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Falling Off the Fiscal Cliff

If Congress doesn’t act, current provisions would take $600 billion out of the economy.
The aftermath of last year’s debt ceiling impasse in Congress will be $100 billion in automatic spending cuts.
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