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Consumers Moving From Scared to Prepared

Investors have taken positive steps with their finances following the Great Recession.
Investors have taken positive steps with their finances following the Great Recession.
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Household Finances Improve, But Many Face Debt Collections

Thirty-five percent of adults have a debt in collections reported in their credit files.
The financial health of many households, however, is improving.
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The Great Recession: Still on Shaky Ground?

The recession may be over, but many consumers have yet to find solid financial ground.
How can you help members find financial highs while confronting recessionary tremors underfoot?
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Policy Makers Worldwide See the Value of Cooperatives

Cooperatives exist to improve the lives of the members they serve.
What CUs do has changed considerably over the years—but why CUs do what they do remains unchanged.
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Lean on Me

More consumers need a hand surviving the recession and preparing for retirement.
Do your members lean on you with their personal finance issues, financial literacy concerns, and other needs?
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Risk Averse in a Bathing Suit

Don't let aversion to risk sink your CU.
Are your practices “tried and true” or “tried and tired?”
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Lenders Put the Brakes on Auto Loan Delinquencies

Annual auto loan delinquency forecast predicts smoother sailing ahead.
Auto loans have performed well since the start of 2010, and originations have increased significantly since second-quarter 2009.
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The Wheels on the Bus Go ‘Round and ‘Round…

"All aboard" for a look at small business and student lending trends
We’ll take a spin through more recession takeaways, fly over some employer trends, chug through some fraudulent facts, and cruise by the latest retail news...
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Discovery Conference

Economic Woes Hinder Retirement

As the economy languishes, many are rethinking their post-work plans.
Survey shows nearly four in 10 workers plan to retire after age 70.
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Higher Education, Income No Guarantee Against Bankruptcy

Consumer bankruptcy filings among college educated, high-income earners is on the rise.
Institute for Financial Literacy releases annual consumer bankruptcy report... plus more research findings.
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