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CU Rock Star

Empowering Employees to Serve Members

'You've got to keep yourself pumped up.'
Branch manager leads by example with high energy and empathy.
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Nancy Whittaker

Walking in Members' Shoes

‘Everything we do or say is for the betterment of our members.’
‘Everything we do or say is for the betterment of our members.’
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CU Staff Go Above and Beyond

Employees reconnect members with lost cash.
CU employees save a family's vacation and use social media to connect a member with $1,000 left in a New York restaurant.
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Holographic Reps Add New Dimensions

MidUSA Credit Union unveils 3-D member service portals.
OmniSuite creates the illusion that members are “simply having a comfortable conversation with someone across the desk,” says MidUSA President/CEO Jim Miles.
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Understanding Unclaimed Property

Prevent escheatment and improve member retentions.
Member relationships are the lifeblood of your business. But many CUs lose members through the escheatment of dormant and lost accounts each year.
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 CU Donations Feed Thousands

 ‘Make your impression count in a positive way.’
Insights from Noelle Fischer-Herbert, vice president, corporate development, Pacific Service CU, Walnut Creek, Calif.
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Special Report: America's CU Conference

Remarry Your Members

Don’t treat members like they’re interruptions; celebrate them.
The customer-service bar has been set so low, it’s become relatively easy to excel at it.
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Embrace New Lending Strategies

How does your CU plan to rebuild its loan portfolio this year?
The flood of new regulations makes this an ideal time to discuss the CU difference with your members.
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A Lending Conundrum

CUs struggle to balance members’ lending needs with increasing compliance requirements.
CUs must balance compliance and member service.
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A Tale of Opportunities

"It was the best of times, it was the worst of times..."
How might Charles Dickens's sage narrative apply to credit unions today? It's easy to focus only on the difficulties credit unions face right now. Afterall, there are many reasons for gloom.
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