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CUs Struggle with Rising Health-Care Costs

Small CUs in particular find it difficult to provide group insurance.
Average cost per full-time employee is more than $12,000, CUNA survey reports.
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CU Staff Benefits

A look at the benefits CUs are offering their employees.
An infographic based on a data from CUNA's 2014-2015 Staff Benefits Report.
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Winging It

Plan to fly high with employee retention efforts.
Efficiency is critical to survival.
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CUs Benefit All Consumers

American consumers benefit to the tune of $8.5 billion due to CUs' presence in the marketplace.
American consumers benefit to the tune of $8.5 billion due to CUs' presence in the marketplace.
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Five Ways to Take Advantage of Health-Care Reform

The Affordable Care Act offers CUs some opportunities.
Health-care exchanges will allow CUs to maintain quality benefit programs while expanding options for employees.
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IRS Rules Complicate Compensation Reporting Requirements

Reporting executive compensation is necessary—and complex—under IRS Form 990 rules.
The CU movement must maintain its reputation for reasonable and transparent executive compensation.
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CUNA's Membership Benefits Award Honors CUs That Best Beat the Banks

CUs saved members $6 billion in a one-year span compared to competitors.
The top three performers in each asset category were United Health Credit Union, Burlingame, Calif.; Boston Firefighters Credit Union, Dorchester, Mass.; and Melrose Credit Union, Briarwood, N.Y.
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Benefit Costs Shift to Staff

Nearly half of CUs plan to increase employee cost-sharing in 2013 to control health-care expenses.
Communicating health-care actions can help CUs manage the impact of benefits changes.
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Benefits Still Matter in a Down Economy

Without incentives to stay, employees may be out the door when the employment market improves.
When benefits start to slide, salaries become far more important.
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CUs Grapple with Rising Benefit Costs

Is CUs’ ‘employee-friendly’ image being eroded by smaller, pricier benefit packages?
While wages stagnate, health insurance costs continue to rise.
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