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Improve the Member Experience: Three Steps

Amid tough economic times, it pays to pay attention to those who pay your bills.
Adapt to your customers' needs, reward those who are loyal to you, and don't just listen to their complaints—address them.
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Service is the Problem; Technology is the Answer

Responsiveness and ease of doing business are key to member loyalty.
Members will leave when it becomes more difficult to do business with you than to move their accounts.
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Harness Members’ Social Power

Consumers can contribute immediately and powerfully to a better service experience.
Social media has become an integral part of the consumer experience, but few companies embrace it.
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Big, Small, or Online: Why Do Young Adults Choose a Financial Institution?

Convenience, whether geographical or electronic, is king for young consumers.
What's a CU to do in the face of "convenience competition?" Fight back.
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Gain Social Media Traction with Members

Seven steps to take advantage of social consumers.
Encourage members to share their thoughts about the CU, both good and bad.
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Maximize Existing Relationships with Cross-Selling

Doing so is the key to achieving sustained portfolio growth.
Identify current members’ needs and match them to individual credit risk and affordability measures.
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Why Do Consumers Switch PFIs?

The top trigger is a change in the consumer’s life circumstances.
In 2011, 8.7% of consumers had changed their primary financial institution within the previous 12 months.
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