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Fewer Consumers Are Late for an Important Date

Loan delinquency rates are down across the board.
Consumer debt levels are becoming more manageable.
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Survey: Young Credit Card Users are Better Credit Risks

Middle-aged consumers are more likely to have a serious delinquency than 19-year-olds.
Those who obtain credit cards early in life tend to be better credit risks in the long-term.
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Embrace Real-Time Data, Multiple Channels for Lending Success

CUs have more information than most businesses, but they often fail to capitalize on it.
Most loan applications are antiquated and burdensome, mobile expert says.
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Expect a Slow Decline in Mortgage Delinquencies

'We would have hoped for a projection that called for a more substantive drop in delinquencies.'
Forecast also says credit card delinquency rates will remain relatively low throughout next year.
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Auto Loan Delinquencies On the Rise

The increase, however, is only seasonal and the rate remains very low, experts say.
Seasonal factors that affect the auto loan delinquency rate include back to school needs and holiday purchases.
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Mortgage Modifications Improve Loan Performance

Consumers with mortgage modifications outperform those without on new loans.
Consumers who default only on their mortgages are better risks than those with multiple delinquencies.
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 CU Financials Show Improvement

Mortgage balances are growing and delinquency ratios are dropping.
In the first half of 2012 credit unions reported improving financial results.
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Mortgage Delinquency Picture Improves

Expect mortgage delinquency rates to mimic the economy with continued slow improvement.
Nationwide mortgage delinquency rate dropped nearly 9% during the first half of 2012.
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Credit Card Users Making Timelier Payments

Delinquency and average debt per borrower decline during the first quarter.
A new report suggests the credit card marketplace continues to recover from the problems it faced during the Great Recession.
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Auto Loan Delinquencies Hit All-Time Low

Delinquency rates fell to 0.36% during first-quarter 2012.
Improvement attributed to growing demand for both new and used vehicles, and higher used vehicle values.
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