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‘Gen Y’ Effect Drives Mobile Bill Payment

The number of bill payment users doubled from 2012 to 2013, survey shows.
One in four tablet owners uses the device to pay bills.
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More Than Half of Smartphone Users Make Mobile Payments

Mobile payment security remains a chief concern among consumers, CUNA survey reports.
Smartphone users won’t sacrifice security for convenience.
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Survey Reveals Consumers’ Top Financial Concerns

Although a lack of savings tops the list, consumer spending has increased.
When asked to grade their knowledge of personal finance, 40% of U.S. adults gave themselves a grade of C, D, or F.
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Stay Informed with Trusted Resources

Training, custom surveys, and research to stay competitive.
CUNA offers resources so CUs can stay nimble in the constantly changing environment.
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Attract and Retain Top Talent

Make sure your CU’s compensation packages remain competitive and in line with industry norms.
Get the inside information you need to set appropriate salaries and attract top talent.
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CU 24 Conducts Fourth Annual CU Industry Survey

Survey will identify trends in products, services, and CU industry challenges.
CU 24 encourages CU representatives to complete the survey and share their voice about the industry.
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Consumers Continue to Feel Sting of Recession

CUNA, Consumer Federation of America release annual survey of consumers’ holiday spending plans.
Only 19% of consumers report improved finances, while nearly 40% report declining financial conditions compared to last year.
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Is CU PFI Growth Sustainable?

More members consider CUs to be their primary financial institutions. But is this rise just a temporary flight to safety?
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A Research-Rich Summer

Help is on the way for your strategic planning team.
Projecting future financial services trends isn't for the meek.
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What Do Consumers Want From Their PFI?

The branch is still vitally important to some members.
Key differences exist between what younger and older consumers want from their primary financial institution.
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