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Photos: CBI's Modern Branch Designs

Firm's contemporary designs offer self-service options but promote staff interaction.
The Norcross, Ga.-based firm works with credit unions and other financial institutions to develop innovative branches that deepen member relationships.
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On My Mind

A Branch Evolution

Develop broader skills in your branch managers.
Deliver your products with the least friction possible.
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America's Credit Union Conference

CU Branches Evolve to Meet Members' Needs

Technology, consumer power, changing demographics, and lower profit margins prompt alterations.
Four CUs discuss changes designed to elevate staff efficiency, reduce costs, and improve member service.
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Compliance Q&A: Branch Office Closures

Must CUs go through a specific process before permanently closing branch offices?
Also covered are questions about NMLS administrators, FCRA negative information notices, and garnishment orders.
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Spotlight: Rachel Risberg

CU executive guides a successful bank-to-CU transition.
The Royal CU EVP explains how a unique acquisition brought new staff and members into the fold.
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Payment Preferences for the Ages

All generations have preferences, but they all want options and efficient delivery.
In general, the younger the member, the more willing he or she is to try new technology.
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Multitasking Branches

As basic transactions go online, branches are adding movie nights, free Wi-Fi, and kids’ playrooms.
Ten years from now, members might be more likely to visit your branch for mocha lattes than for money orders.
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Stay Local and Connected

Apple Federal Credit Union VP Gale Davis says stellar service will keep members coming back more than anything else.
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