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Determine Meaningful Metrics to Measure Your CU

Select performance measures specific to your organization’s needs.
Performance metrics should support your CU's long-term goals.
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CUNA Payments Roundtable

Sink or Swim with Data Analysis

CUs can solve problems and create new opportunities with member data.
Most financial institutions fail to transform data into insight.
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Off The Record

Do You Feel the Payments Love?

Mobile aps, Big Data, and new payment solutions are changing the financial services landscape.
Each day, more Americans are smitten not by Cupid’s arrow but by their smartphones.
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Shaping CU Technology: The Big Five

Security, branch evolution, consumerization, and big data will drive CU technology decisions through 2014 and beyond.
Technology innovation will continue at a brisk pace, particularly in these five areas.
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How Big Data is Changing Our World

It’s not unique to the financial services industry.
Every industry from health care to professional sports is getting a facelift, thanks to the careful parsing of ever-growing mountains of data.
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Big Data

Powerful analytical tools help CUs extract actionable trends from mountains of data.
CUs are using big data to help shape strategies and decisions.
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