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Andrea Finn

Digital Specialist Sends Messages Out, Invites Members In

Andrea Finn is continually available to members on social networks that never sleep.
'I strive to be smarter and better than I was the day before.'
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A Relentless Advocate for Technology

'I want people to walk into our CU and immediately know we are technology savvy.'
Michael Jordan was an early advocate for apps.
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Amy Forcier-Pabst

The 'Crazy, Fun' CU 'Culture Champion'

'I choose my attitude every minute of every day.'
Singing and dancing. Handing out popcorn. That’s a typical Friday at Royal Credit Union thanks in part to Amy Forcier-Pabst.
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Pam Evans

Singing and Dancing to Inspire Staff

Pam Evans has a knack for coaching, motivating, and leading.
Evans is 100% committed to the success of her staff and the CU’s initiatives.
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Rob Detrick

High-Energy Leadership

'I’d describe my leadership style as a high-energy version of The Golden Rule.'
'I’d describe my leadership style as a high-energy version of The Golden Rule.'
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Nancy Deavours

A Leader in Good Times and Bad

Nancy Deavours is credited with helping her CU survive through the uncertainty of the Great Recession.
'We’re a great team, and there was no way we were going to let our members and our community down.'
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Gail Cook

Fraud Fighter Foils Crime Ring

Widget Financial Federal CU's CEO Gail Cook was thanked by the FBI for her efforts.
The FBI sent letters of commendation to Gail Cook and the CU employees who discovered the fraud.
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Rebecca Cardwell

Architect of Productive Partnerships

'It’s much easier to ask for business from individuals and organizations where you’ve established relationships based on shared interests and goals.'
Rebecca Cardwell has two qualities don’t often come in the same person.
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Kimberly Bohannon

The 'CEO of Compliance'

CU leader's enthusiasm is matched only by her compassion.
'I try to approach compliance from a place of "yes."'
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Joe Bertotto

A Career Matchmaker

'When people are in their ‘sweet spot,’ they can do amazing things.'
Joe Bertotto has the magic touch when it comes to connecting people with the jobs that best suit them.
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