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CUs Dodge a Cannonball

CUNA will keep up its advocacy as the interchange rule unfolds.
CUs that offer debit card programs dodged a cannonball with the new interchange rule the Federal Reserve adopted June 29.
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After the CARD Act

The 2009 Credit CARD Act set out to curtail abusive industry practices. What was accomplished and will more reform be on the way?
The industry has seen significant improvements since the legislation went into effect. But card issuers are finding new ways to recoup lost revenue.
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Ten Credit Card Predictions for 2011

Expect APR increases and lower delinquencies.
In 2011, credit card issuers will find new ways to manage risks, add new accounts, and increase revenue while cardholders continue to pay down their balances.
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The Dodd-Frank Act

The rule-making process has begun for hundreds of new laws in the massive financial reform act. How many will affect CUs?
The Dodd-Frank Act creates hundreds of new rules. How many will affect CUs?
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