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A Humble Retiree with a Mountain of Accomplishments

Q&A with Wegner Award-winner Tim Haegelin.
'Be truthful and genuine in everything you do.'
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GAC 2014

NCUF to Honor Four Leaders With Wegner Awards

Four CU leaders will receive Herb Wegner Memorial Awards in 2014.
An awards dinner will be held Feb. 24 in conjunction with CUNA’s Governmental Affairs Conference.
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Spirit of Cooperation Led to Success

'Cooperation has always been our strength, but it requires work.'
A Q&A with retired Pennsylvania CU Association CEO Jim McCormack.
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A Shared Branching Advocate and Leader

Q&A with Wegner Award-winner Sarah Canepa Bang.
'Hire people who are smarter than you are and then trust them.'
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Leading the Big CU that Stayed Small

A Q&A with Wegner Award-winner Gary Oakland.
'We're just a small credit union that happens to have a lot of members.'
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Gary Oakland Wins Wegner Award for Lifetime Achievement

Retired BECU CEO was a visionary leader with an extraordinary commitment to the movement.
'Gary advocated for the member at every turn.'
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McCormack Wins Wegner Award for Lifetime Achievement

Pennsylvania leader lauded for long-time dedication to CU movement.
McCormack helped develop the statewide public awareness/advocacy initiative, iBelong.
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The Call for Wegner Award Nominations

The Awards are presented by the National CU Foundation.
Winners will be honored at NCUF’s annual awards dinner during next year's Governmental Affairs Conference.
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