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International CU Day

A Brief History of International CU Day

This year's slogan: 'Local Service. Global Good.'
The first ICU Day was on January 17 in honor of Benjamin Franklin’s birthday.
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Leading Edge

The Movement Celebrates 100 Million Memberships

This summer, CU reached the significant milestone of 100 million memberships.
The movement has been celebrating in a variety of ways.
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New CUNA CEO Ready to Tackle CUs’ Top Priorities

In video interview, Jim Nussle pledges to listen to and learn from the CU movement.
CUs' strong grassroots advocacy ‘can break through the clutter’ in Washington.
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Nussle Named CUNA CEO

Former House Budget Committee chair to lead nation’s largest CU trade group.
CUNA taps former nine-term congressman to lead CUs.
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You Can't Freeze Out CU Folks From a Good Fundraiser

CUNA leadership, CUs embrace the #ALSIceBucketChallenge.
CUNA officials and CU staffers across the country have accepted the challenge on social media.
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CUs Plan Hiring, Pay Increases

Nearly two-thirds of CUs with $200 million or more in assets plan to add staff this year.
Strong loan and membership growth bode well for CU wages.
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America's CU Conference

CUNA Full-Steam Ahead, Hampel Says

'CUNA is strong and in good shape.'
Interim president/CEO lauds the leagues and CUs for their dedicated work.
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America's CU Conference

CUNA, Leagues Plan Campaign to Celebrate Milestone

CUs will reach 100 million members this summer.
Members are encouraged to participate by taking selfies and using the #100MM hashtag.
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America's CU Conference

CUNA Chair Dreams Big

CUs can continue to accomplish remarkable feats, now and into the future, Dennis Pierce says.
Pierce outlined goals he believes the industry can conquer.
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Gauge Your Social Media Reach

A high level of interaction among followers is a sign of strong media engagement.
Move beyond 'likes' and followers, advises Amaia Kirtland, CUNA’s social and digital media manager.
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