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A New Corporate CU Landscape

Today's corporate CU system is well-capitalized and is evolving to meet CUs' needs.
Today's corporate CU system today is well-capitalized and is evolving to meet CUs' needs.
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CUNA Economist Gives ‘Rosiest’ Forecast in Seven Years

Improving labor market, lack of inflation continue to buoy economy.
‘There’s a tremendous amount of pent-up demand in the system.’
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No Simple Answer to ‘Complex’ Question

Many CUs tagged as ‘complex’ are anything but—according to NCUA’s own definitions.
As CUs grow, categorizing institutions based on operational sophistication has increasingly come into focus.
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Hampel: Economy, Loan Growth ‘Pretty Decent’

PEIS discussion examines current economy, risk-based capital, and housing finance reform.
CU loan growth is picking up, says CUNA’s chief economist.
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GAC 2014

Welcome to CUNA’s 2014 Governmental Affairs Conference

Thousands of leaders assemble behind a single cause and to Unite for Good.
‘The movement owes its momentum to the combined voices of leaders like you.’
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NCUA Video Addresses Liquidity and Contingency Funding Plans

Agency directors provide insight into final rule.
Some CUs must have access to NCUA’s Central Liquidity Facility, the Fed’s discount window, or both.
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Capital is King

Well-capitalized CUs can weather difficulties and protect the insurance fund from losses.
The Capital Access for Small Businesses and Jobs Act would strengthen CUs and be consistent with our not-for-profit, cooperative nature.
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Supplemental Capital Would Benefit CUs, Local Communities

CUs shouldn’t be punished for providing a safe haven for members’ deposits.
Deposits keep flowing into CUs due to consumers’ flight to safety.
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CUNA: Banks’ Attack On CU Bill Misfires

‘Congress is showing greater interest in capital reform.’
Supplemental capital bill for CUs is very balanced.
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ERM: A Measure of Certainty in Uncertain Times

Assess and improve your CU's readiness while economic aberrations persist.
Four pieces of armor will protect CUs: governance independence, analytics, board involvement, and reporting frequency.
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