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No Lounging on Investment Decisions

Advance planning leads to happy outcomes with investment decisions.
Investor optimism is at a seven-year high.
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CUs Capture Members’ Investments

Client-centric approach leads to a successful member investment program.
Consumers appear ready to get back into investments. But are CUs prepared to assist them?
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Housing: Residence or Investment?

Home prices have been rising for 28 consecutive months.
Americans favor real estate as the best long-term investment.
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Regulatory Compliance for Investments

NCUA’s investment regulations will address ‘standards of creditworthiness.’
CUNA expects NCUA to issue additional guidance on how to comply with its new investment rules.
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Tell, Don't Sell

CUs boost income with member-friendly investment and insurance services.
'Fees' not necessarily a four-letter word when linked with member-friendly services.
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Are You Selling Products—Or Helping Members Achieve Their Goals?

Investment programs help members achieve their goals and dreams.
Plumbing experiment shows the value of trusted advice.
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Help Members Navigate Investment Waters

Revenue from member investment programs helps CUs counteract lower interest income.
Members crave unbiased information from an institution they trust.
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Make Information Actionable!

Consumers need actionable information regarding investments and housing.
You can’t accomplish your mission without the right data.
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Four Simple Rules for Balance Sheet Management

To use a baseball analogy, hit singles rather than swing for the fences.
Large balances sitting in Fed funds have amounted to a painful and mistaken bet on rising interest rates.
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Living With Narrow Net Interest Margins

How to deal with life in a low-rate environment.
In the past, most CUs could generate sufficient net interest to cover operating expenses. For most of us, this is no longer true.
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