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Memes Accelerate Vehicle Loan Campaign Geared at Gen Y

Young consumers respond well to ECCU's cheeky, retro promotion.
Edgy 'Get a New Ride' campaign features mullets, motorcycle grannies, and sweatband-wearing travelers.
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CFPB Proposes TILA-RESPA Changes

Proposal would relax timing requirement for rate locks.
Proposal would relax timing requirement for rate locks.
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CU Fuel Loans Aim to Keep Members Warm

Low-cost financing provides peace of mind to members.
Three-fourths of Maine CUs offer special low- or no-interest loans to cover energy costs.
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Build on Economic Momentum

An improving economy offers CUs challenges and opportunities in 2015.
Members will begin to move funds to higher-cost savings vehicles.
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Hispanic Outreach Key to CU’s Membership Growth

Two-thirds of CU’s new member growth comes from the Hispanic community.
‘Hispanics are a loyal, young, and fast-growing population shaping the future of commerce.’
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Start Your Auto Loan Engines

Expect new-car sales to top 16 million in 2014—the first time that’s happened since 2007.
Know what lies ahead on the auto-lending horizon.
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Responsible Approach Leads to Student Loan Success

Portfolio limits, consistent underwriting standards leads to healthy private student loan program.
Members are going someplace for student loans—why not your CU?
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Agencies Exempt Subset of Higher-Priced Mortgages

Loans of $25,000 or less and certain 'streamlined refinancings' won't require appraisals.
The CPFB and NCUA exempt loans of $25,000 or less and certain “streamlined refinancings” from the appraisal requirements.
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Student Loans: ‘What Are You Waiting For?’

Determine how private student loans fit into your business model and strategy.
Consolidating student loans can help both CUs and borrowers, but make sure members know what they may be giving up.
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CUs in Boom and Bust Economies

Fracking has created the latest U.S. ‘boomtowns.’
Assets at the $305 million credit union in Williston, N.D., increased 27% in 2010 and 25% in 2011 at the height of the land-lease boom.
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