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Cathy Graham

Analytical + Creative = Effective Marketer

'I get excited about the actionable insight found through data analysis.'
Data analysis is Cathy Graham's cup of tea.
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Lisa Asadourian

Embracing the 'B' Word

'We have to be mindful of our roots, but we also have to step outside the box to attract attention.'
Lisa Asadourian isn't afraid to use the word “bank” to promote her CU.
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Membership Growth Strategies

Growth strategies emerge from data in CUNA’s National Member & Nonmember Survey.
One of two Hispanics living in the U.S. is either unbanked or underbanked.
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Boomers Are a Booming Business

How can you provide financial strength and opportunity for your boomer members?
‘Marketers are overlooking one of the biggest goldmines for disposable income: the baby boomer generation.’
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Take a Selfie!

Image repair does not occur easily.
‘The No. 1 challenge for banks is differentiating themselves from other financial firms that have bad reputations.’
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Unite for Good

High Traffic for Billboard Campaign

The giant number jumps right off the billboards: $47,598,899.
No, that’s not the latest New Jersey lottery prize figure.
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Solving Consumers' Problems Wins Their Wallets

To succeed in the 'honest economy,' CUs must become a go-to source of information.
The digital revolution has transformed how consumers make purchasing decisions, says content marketing guru Marcus Sheridan.
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Outsource Social Media? It's Working for These CUs

Resource-strapped CUs pleased with early returns from partnership with marketing firm.
'It takes time, diligence, and consistency to implement a social media strategy.'
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Stay Ahead of New Marketing Trends

CUNA offers a number of opportunities for marketing professionals to learn and grow.
CUNA offers a number of opportunities for marketing professionals to learn and grow.
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Ten Marketing Myths that Plague CU Professionals

Myth 1: Marketing is easy.
White paper dissects and dispels 10 myths about CU marketing.
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