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Execute Your EMV Plan

Most CUs are 'not far along' on EMV implementation.
July 1, 2014
Most CUs are 'not far along' on EMV implementation.
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The Future of Home-Based CUs

Many home-based CUs face an uncertain future in the wake of an NCUA proposed rule.
June 26, 2014
Many home-based CUs face an uncertain future in the wake of an NCUA proposed rule.
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Take a Holistic View of Employee Health

Innovative CUs encourage staff to be financially and physically fit.
June 7, 2014
Employees who are financially and physically fit experience less stress and better serve members, say innovative leaders at two CUs.
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CU Makes Staff’s Financial Wellness ‘A Core Focus’

Employees who are financially secure have less stress and are more productive.
May 11, 2014
‘Our employees recognize that we are committed to them.’
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Want to Provide Exceptional Service? Go Beyond the Obvious

Find ways to exceed members’ expectations.
April 17, 2014
‘It’s not enough to put the right people in place if they’re handcuffed with poor processes and policies.’
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More Whistleblowers Report Employer Retaliation

Follow through on your anti-retaliation message or no one will take it seriously.
April 4, 2014
Three steps to protect employees from retaliation while guarding their privacy.
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Staff's Great Service Rewarded with Great Service

United FCU's concierge service runs errands for employees, free of charge.
March 25, 2014
'I'm going home a hero and I didn't do a thing.'
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Prevent Workplace Fraud and Theft: Six Tips

Create strong internal controls and trust your instincts.
March 25, 2014
Identify high-risk areas for your business and audit for violations every six to 12 months.
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Address These Questions in ‘BYOD’ Policies

Adopt policies curtailing employees’ use of personal devices on secure networks.
March 24, 2014
Whether or not it’s against your credit union’s policy, at least some of your employees are using their personal devices at work.
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Fearless Leading

Leadership lessons from Sir Ernest Shackleton.
February 24, 2014
The days of ‘command and control’ style of leadership are over.
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