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Community CU Conference Concludes

Speakers share best practices for community CUs.
Scenes from the final day of CUNA's 2014 Community CU Conference in Las Vegas.
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Stat Shot

At the Top

A closer look at who's leading CUs.
Current CU CEOs have served a median of nine years in their job.
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Cookie Yoder

'That Girl' Needed a Job and Found a Career

'I can't imagine myself not being in this movement.'
'I can't imagine myself not being in this movement.'
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Herman Stevenson

A Master Motivator

'Coaching is about inspiring people to do what they didn't think they could do.'
Herman Stevenson has a knack for quick learning.
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Rob Detrick

High-Energy Leadership

'I’d describe my leadership style as a high-energy version of The Golden Rule.'
'I’d describe my leadership style as a high-energy version of The Golden Rule.'
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Allison Barna

Granting Opportunities for New York CUs

'We want to help young people develop their skills and their passion for credit unions so they’ll stay invested in the movement.'
Allison Barna assumed leadership of the New York Credit Union Foundation (NYCUF) in 2011—less than a year before Superstorm Sandy devastated much of the East Coast.
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CUNA Tech/OpSS Council Conference

Bodell: ‘Kill Your Company’ to Save It

Author urges CUs to start an innovation revolution by identifying self-defeating practices.
‘We are managing and not leading.’
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Attention CU Bean Counters: Employee Happiness Adds Up

Research shows that engaged staff are more productive.
Employee engagement levels correlate directly to key outcomes.
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Calibrate Your Leadership Style with Three Questions

Be aware how your leadership style, habits, and attitudes affect others.
Leadership exercise has the potential to radically improve your reporting relationships.
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Leadership Q&A: Brandon Michaels

Professional development, networking are the best ways to keep pushing forward.
‘Don’t follow—lead,’ says Mazuma CU CEO.
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