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Ho, Ho—'Oh No!'

Some aspects of the company holiday party can be anything but festive.
When the spirit of the season comes from a bottle, the party cleanup crew sometimes includes lawyers.
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Macedonia’s First CU Built On Trust, Courage, Commitment

FULM Savings House had to prove it was different from previous financial institutions.
‘People would deposit money and withdraw it a couple hours later to see it was still available to them.’
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Minnesota Campaign Aims to Eradicate ‘Bankziety’

Program educates consumers age 21 to 35 about the benefits of CU membership.
‘Banziety’ is defined as ‘uneasiness, distress, or mental apprehension over an impending interaction with a bank.’
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Know the Rules on Holiday Gifts

Can CU staff accept gifts from members?
As the holiday gift-giving season begins, it’s a good time to review your CU’s Bank Bribery Act policy.
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Count Your Blessings: Converging Job Happiness with Brain Science

Raising people’s level of positivity creates a ‘happiness advantage.’
Remind employees frequently of your commitment to them.
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Lending Regulatory Headwinds: 2015 Style

The relentless pace of regulatory change is the new normal.
Consumer Financial Protection Bureau may have a direct impact on CUs’ portfolio mix.
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CU System Grew, Bolstered Economy in Third Quarter

CUs experience highest loan growth since 2006.
Interest-rate risk is moderating but remains a concern, NCUA chairman says.
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Cooperation Among Co-ops

CUs and other cooperatives are collaborating to benefit communities—and each other.
Everybody wins when consumer awareness of the cooperative structure grows.
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Sprinkle Some Elfin Magic into Your 2015 Marketing Strategy

Make your marketing messages resonate with valuable content.
Change your focus from ‘one to many’ to ‘one to one.’
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BLS: Expect Sustained Employment Growth

Job growth coming from higher-paying professions.
Salary costs will grow, but not enough to ignite inflation.
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